March Madness!

 Get ready for MARCH MADNESS!!

The rules are simple:
*Bring 2 twelve-ounce of the same beer that can be judged against ANY BJCP category to the March club meeting.

Then, at the March meeting we judge:

Divide the group and form a tournament style bracket.  8 brewers swap bottles with the other 8. Then we pair off with two bottles per pair. (example: brewers 1-8 are in pairs judging beers 9-16)

The pairs then judge two beers head-to-head and determine a winner. No lengthy score sheets, but keeping the BJCP style guidelines handy. Scrap paper if necessary. The bottles and brewers moving on then repeat the process – making sure you’re not judging your own bottle.

Then 8 brewers pair off… 15 minutes, judge, and we’re down to the FINAL FOUR

Repeat head-to-head until we select 3 judges for the last two bottles (so there is clearly no tie).

The idea is like a lightening round best of show since you’re comparing two different styles.  All the entries are numbered to maintain sanity and vague anonymous entries.(honor system)

Something different, sounds like fun, and it seems like it would hold up to March Madness nicely. With no style to hold to, it is flexible for folks to bring what they have. As long as there is a style guideline for it, bring it. It should be short enough to fit in before or after any presentations.

2018 March Madness Winner!

Micah Vieux – Experimental Dunkelweissen Dopple