Survivor Series

Each year the club members compete against one another throughout the year and gain points towards winning the coveted Survivor Series Championship Belt.  The name of the game is The Survivor Series!!!

At the beginning of the calendar year at the first meeting, the first BJCP style is announced and competitors will receive their personal competition numbers.  Each competing member must brew a beer within that category, bottle said beer and submit a number of 12-ounce bottles for judging that corresponds to the number of competitors.  Each competitor will have the same number of bottles for judging and are responsible for judging each entry with BJCP score sheets and submitting them for cumulative scoring at the next meeting (i.e. if 20 members are competing, each member is responsible for providing 19 bottles of beer, for which every member will receive one of each members beer for scoring).  Winners of the category are announce at the meeting of which the next round of beers are due. The points system is simple and is as follows:

1st Place – 3 points
2nd Place – 2 points
3rd Place – 1 point

The competitor at the end of the year with the most points will be declared the Survivor Series Champion at the annual club christmas party and bottle swap in December

There are set dates for when Survivor Series entries are due for 2018
1st Bottles – March 16th
2nd Bottles – July 20th
3rd Bottles – November 16th

For more information, please contact Jason Walther via the club Facebook Page or Google Group

Happy Brewing!