Iron Brewer Competition

 Iron Brewer Homebrew Competition Details:

Open to all Guild members in good standing, the Iron Brewer competition puts teams into a competition against each other. While the team members change throughout the year, the goal is the same. To increase your knowledge and practice of homebrewing, and to make you flexible in your chosen style.

The Annual Iron Brewer Competition is different than our other internal competitions.  Each year a deadline is set, and after the teams have formed and registered, the secret ingredient is revealed.  With no BJCP style requirements, you and your team have a limited time to brew any beer you want with the secret ingredient. From milk stouts, IPA’s, or porters, your team has the flexibility to build the perfect beer that will showcase the ingredient.

Iron Brewer Homebrew Competition sign-ups for Brewing Teams opens on July 20th 2018 and lasts until Aug. 17th, 2018. Sign up will be taken at Valley Homebrew 199 Sulky Dr Ste 1, Winchester, VA 22602 or online at :

The Iron Brewer Secret Ingredient gets revealed , Live at the Aug. 17th, 2018 SVHG Meeting @ Valley Homebrew 199 Sulky Dr Ste 1, Winchester, VA 22602 and will be announced online via the website

Teams have until Oct. 19th, 2018 SVHG Meeting @ Valley Homebrew in Winchester, get their Entries in (2 Bottles)

The Iron Brewer Results are announced at our Fall Event: MashtoberFest on Sat. Oct. 27th 10am-4pm @ Valley Homebrew 199 Sulky Dr Ste 1, Winchester, VA 22602 Mashtoberfest is a fall celebration of everything homebrew. We generally have Homebrewing Demos going on where the public can see the Brewing Process going on live with many different set ups and equipment. There are also Tastings of Homebrew for donations as well as vendors for food and the like, music, etc. Fundraising would come in the form of Registration fees for Iron Brewer as well as donation boxes that we would be looking to set up in strategic Craft Beer and Homebrewing related Businesses. We would also have a few big ticket items to raffle off and possibly partner up with some local VA. Breweries to help donate prizes for the Iron Brewer Winners as well as for raffling off and giving away at Mashtoberfest. The Iron Brewer Homebrew Competition 1st through 3rd place winners will be announced around 1PM and also the next day on the website

2017 – MANGO

2017 Philanthropic Effort – The Kids Clubs of Northern Shenandoah Valley – ~$2892

The 2017 IRON BREWER Homebrew Competition Winners

1st – Adventure Brews – 22A: Double IPA
Jared Kwolek, Bryn Martin, Tommy Voight

2nd – Barley Gettin’ Any – 16C: Tropical Stout
Hunter Manspile, Jeff Holmes, Curt Herman, Brian Warner

3rd – Last Minute Mashup – 18B: American Pale Ale
Doug Omps, Angela Toler, Ian McMillan

2016 – VANILLA

2016 Philanthropic Effort – Virginia Veterans and Family Support – $2787

The 2016 IRON BREWER Homebrew Competition Winners

1st – Charlie Mikes, Michael Bragg, Robert Lewis
2nd – EbBuDarVie
Jay Eberly, Steve Buehler, John Darsie, Micah Vieux
3rd – Harrisonburg Homebrewers
Scott Johnson, Roger Jackman, Shawn Gatesman


The 2015 IRON BREWER Homebrew Competition Winners

1st – Tribe Brewing – Death Metal
Tyler Crowe , Mike Madden

2nd – Two Grants Brewing – Chickory Dickory
Grant N. Wheeler, Grant A. Wheeler

3rd – The Cat and the Crayfish – The French Quarter Breakfast Porter
Paul Holeva, Dave Cray

2014  – HABANERO

The 2014 IRON BREWER Homebrew Competition Winners

1st –Safety Violators – 13B: Sweet Stout –
Doug Omps, Jeff Wheeler

2nd – Tribe Brewing – 20: Fruit Beer (Mango Wheat)
Mike Madden, Tyler Crowe

3rd – The Mooseknucklers – 16B: Belgian Pale
Ron Grosholtz, Derek Mcelhaney, Rick Ridgeway

2013 – COCONUT

The 2013 IRON BREWER Homebrew Competition Winners

1st – Bob Lundberg, Scott Simko

2nd – Charles Bitter, Michael Stephenson, Dan Frey

3rd – Mike Schramm