Iron Brewer Competition

Open to all Guild members in good standing, the Iron Brewer competition puts teams into a competition against each other. While the team members change throughout the year, the goal is the same. To increase your knowledge and practice of homebrewing, and to make you flexible in your chosen style.

The Annual Iron Brewer Competition is different than our other internal competitions.  Each year a deadline is set, and after the teams have formed and registered, the secret ingredient is revealed.  With no BJCP style requirements, you and your team have a limited time to brew any beer you want with the secret ingredient. From milk stouts, IPA’s, or porters, your team has the flexibility to build the perfect beer that will showcase the ingredient.


2016 Secret Ingredient “COFFEE” Competition

With 2016 Iron brewer and MashtoberFest SVHG and Valley Homebrew raised $2787 for the Virginia Veterans and Family Support.

The 2016 IRON BREWER Homebrew Competition Winners

Charlie Mikes, Michael Bragg, Robert Lewis
2nd EbBuDarVie
Jay Eberly, Steve Buehler, John Darsie, Micah Vieux
3rd Harrisonburg Homebrewers
Scott Johnson, Roger Jackman, Shawn Gatesman

2014  Competition

The 2016 IRON BREWER Homebrew Competition Winners

Safety Violators – 13B: Sweet Stout – Doug Omps, Jeff Wheeler

Tribe Brewing – 20: Fruit Beer (Mango Wheat) – Mike Madden, Tyler Crowe

3rd – The Mooseknucklers – 16B: Belgian Pale- Ron Grosholtz, Derek Mcelhaney, Rick Ridgeway