Meeting Agenda – April 2018

4/20/18 SVHG March Meeting Agenda

1.) Hop Blossom Homebrew Competiton

Sponsorship Update: Kaan Canturk?
Judging and stewarding – Goal: 24 Judges and 20 stewards
Volunteer sign-up sheet for sorting day: 5/9/18
Volunteer sign-up sheet for early judging sessions: 5/16 and 5/17
Volunteer sign-up sheet for Hop Blossom: 6/9 – 3 sessions
No live music or stage – medals and announcements at June meeting
Eric to change competition website to include this
Venue for final judging is at Brewbakers Restaurant on the walking mall
Update on lunch situation – Tim Arndt
Update on breakfast – Angela and Kaan
Trophies and medals – Tim
20 combined categories
Tickets for the fest are will call only
List of judges and stewards to coordinator for free admission

Important Dates
The Judging and Steward registration will be open from 1/31/18 to 5/19/18
Entry Opening Date: 4/1/18
Entry Close Date: 5/5/18
Entry Sorting Date: 5/9/18
Early Judging Day #1: 5/16/19
Early Judging Day #2: 5/17/18
Main Judging at Brewbakers: 5/19/18
Awards at Hop Blossom Festival: 6/15/18

Details on Entries for 2018:
Entries:Paid entry limit of 150 Entries.
Limit 5 Entries per Brewer
3 bottles per entry
Entry Fee: $10
Registered Judges and Stewards get $2 off per entry: Code??

2.) Survivor Series 2018 – Jason and Doug

Survivor series 2018
Angela Toler – 3pts
Johnathan Boynton – 2pts
Eric Boyers – 1pt

Round 2: Category 1: Standard American Beer
1A: American Light Lager
1B: American Lager
1C: Cream Ale
1D: American Wheat Beer

2nd Round Bottles Due – July 20th
Will need head count of entries 1 week prior for numbering
3rd Round Bottles Due – November 16th
Winner Announced at Annual Christmas Party – December 21st

3.) March Madness

Congratulations Micah Vieux on a well deserved victory
Style: Experimental Dukelweissen Dopple

4.) SVHG Barrel Aging Project

Doug, Kaan, Linda, Jason, Micah, Paul, Steve B, Tim S, Travis, Grant W and Grant S
Old Ale – Using recipe from Beer and Brewing Magazine
55 gallon Brandy Barrel from Mt. Defiance Distillery in Middleburg, VA
11 participants
6 gallon batches to account for overflow and/or suboptimal batches
Soft brewing deadline – By the end of April
Storage – TBD
Group Brew Day: March 24th at Doug’s place
Filling date/party: TBD
Sampling throughout the year

5.) Treasurer’s Report:

As of Feb Meeting
Overall Balance: $1779.28
BBT: $1236.03
Paypal: $463.25
Petty Cash: $80
Amazon Smiles: $5.71

6.) Amazon Smile:

Just a reminder folks, you can help the SVHG Raise $ via your normal Amazon Purchases. Below is the direct link to link your Amazon account to the SVHG via Amazon smile at no cost to you or the club, yet Amazon help by donating to our 501c3

7.) 2018 SVHG Membership Dues

Keep in mind these dues help the club reimburse presenters, buy awards for our in house competitions, covers our AHA club insurance, Sully Cups, Fund Brewery Tours, BJCP Training Aids such as Off Flavor Tastings and Study Materials and helps to buy all the miscellaneous items we need to make our meetings/events happen!

You can pay directly via paypal by going to the following link and paying for the full year:
Or you can make a payment at the next SVHG Meeting you attend by speaking with an SVHG Leader or our Treasurer Paul

8.) Valley Homebrew happenings by Eric
Please be mindful of the store while we use it for meetings and such
Be respectful of the meeting and retail areas
Clean up should be completed by 9pm
Tasting cups should be disposed of appropriately
Valley Homebrew will be stocking Giga Yeast!

9.) 2017-18 Membership Discounts: (Requires SVHG 2017-18 Membership Card)

Village Bistro: 10% off Packaged Beer and Food (No discount on the beer that you drink in house)
The Better Beer Store: 10% Off Purchases
Winchester Brew Works: 15% Off Purchases
Valley Homebrew: 10% Off Packaged Beverage Purchases
Village Bistro: 10% off Packaged Beer and Food (No discount on the beer that you drink in house)
The Better Beer Store: 10% Off Purchases
Winchester Brew Works: 15% Off Purchases
COMING SOON a Discount at Front Royal Brewing Co. & Broken Window Brewing Co.

10.) Future Meeting Presentations

APR – How to taste beer and fill out a BJCP Scoresheet (Eric Boyers/Tim A/Grant S/Steve B)
MAY – Hop Blossom (No Presentation)
JUNE – Beers of Ohio (Micah V) and Hop Blossom Awards
JULY – Water chemistry experiment (Jason W)
AUGUST – Grain teas (Kaan C)


12.) 2018 Calendar next two-ish months

April 12th – Club Meetup – 7:00pm @ Broken Window Brewing Co
April 26th – Club Meetup – 7:00pm @ Backroom Brewery
May 5th – Hop Blossom Entry Registration window closes
May 9th – Hop Blossom Entry Sorting – 7pm @ Valley Homebrew
May 10th – Club Meetup – 7:00pm @ Winchester Brew Works
May 16th – Hop Blossom Early Judging Session 1 – 5:30pm @ VH
May 17th – Hop Blossom Early Judging Session 2 – 5:30pm @ VH
May 19th – Hop Blossom Main Judging – 8:30am @ Brewbaker’s
May 24th – Club Meetup – 7:00pm @ FR Brewing Company

13.) Club Library

Many books donated by club members available

14.) Water ProFILE – collecting spring/city/town water profiles for club members
$42 per profile through Ward Laboratories
Asking for $3-5 dollar donation for a copy of each profile to recuperate some of the expense
Current ProFILE
Rt 55 Spring – West of Star Tannery off of Rt 55 towards Wardensville, WV

14.) Event ideas:

Group Brew Days

15.) Local Homebrew Comp Calendar

5/19 – 6th Annual Hop Blossom Festival

16.) Website – Greg W. and Eric B.

16.) Other Notables:

Anything else needed to be addressed?